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This is a warning: The website, Claimfame.com is a complete Fraud. The Casting Notices listed on there are NOT sent in by the Casting Directors of the projects, so there is NO chance of an Actor or Model to get cast in the jobs.

In fact the Casting Directors have no idea, that their information is there. I know, I'm one of the Casting Directors that has had their content listed. I had to chase the people working there to take it off. The company is created & run by Brian Hecht, which has made similar Fraud sites in the past.

The same old scam, create fake company, market to newbies, get bad rep, close down start same operation under new name...

Please share this info with other talent so companies like this won't kill the dreams of aspiring talent.

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I'm trying to become an actress, is there any way you could help me?

Arlington, Texas, United States #1301034

SO I paid for nothing? Great!!

IVE done many projects in this industry not realizing this was the case. How disappointing!

North Hollywood, California, United States #1280037

This really sucks! I joined it in hopes to get my foot in. Thank you for the heads up!

Miami, Florida, United States #1275212

They scam many models out of $4,470.00 pay months. ClaimFame LLC. Don't get back to no one to they feel the haet then send out 1 copy out e mail.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1199174

Thank you for this information. My daughter is one of those aspiring actresses.

She showed me this site, but as a mother, I always do my research. Do you recommend a site that is not fraudulent, or a method to get our kids into this auditions that are not scams.

Thank you in advance.


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